The idea of creating a brand of sexy & girly panties came to me on the roads of Crete. A little desire to give a little modernity and femininity to these ancient objects. Then it was time to learn how to sew, invest in materials, hang out in fabric stores to get inspired, and even visit second-hand stores to practice. The first models, the crash tests, were made using recycled fabrics, sheets, old clothes... Because for Adyctive, consuming is also consuming well, panties not intended for sale that were used for training were donated rather than thrown away.

The @Adyctive account on Instagram was created well before the launch so that you could participate and follow the evolution of the brand. You could choose certain first names, the models you wanted to see, you could take part in contests to have yours in avant prem's... You confirmed certain ideas, certain doubts... and for that I must thank you. Without you, all this wouldn't exist so well.

But Adyctive is also about commitments: no fast fashion, collections available while stocks last, handmade items, packaging chosen with respect, absolutely all fabric and thread scraps are kept and will be reused in different forms over time, for now: washable make-up remover pads and cushions.I hope you'll be around for a long time to come, and that we can make even more beautiful wonders together !

Adyctively, yours.