Welcome to the irresistible world of Adyctive, inspired by the sunny landscapes of Palm Springs and the effervescence of the 70s, where you'll find our bloomer-inspired panties and thongs.


Adyctive has reinvented the bloomer, the frilly vintage panties reminiscent of those worn by our grandmothers. But make no mistake, our creations aren't meant to stay hidden away in your old drawers. We've transformed them into sexy, girly & incredibly comfortable pieces.

Inspired by the free spirit of California and the vibrant aesthetic of Bratz dolls, Adyctive offers panties and thongs that are both feminine and committed. At Adyctive, we believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, confident and supported. But our commitment doesn't stop there. We are aware of the environmental challenges facing our planet, and we want to take action wherever possible.

At Adyctive, we also believe in transparency and proximity to our customers. That's why we share our story, our values and our manufacturing process openly and honestly, on our website and our social networks.

Let yourself be seduced by our charming lingerie and immerse yourself in our unique universe.

Adyctively yours.


Because for Adyctive, consuming is also consuming well, we are committed to offering an eco-responsible and ethical experience.

Right from the start, our first designs were made using recycled fabrics, such as sheets and old clothes. Prototype panties not intended for sale were donated rather than thrown away.

We avoid all waste by conserving and reusing all fabric and even thread scraps! Adyctive rejects fast fashion, which is why our product collections are available while stocks last, carefully manufactured in our workshop in the South of France, and packaged in an environmentally-friendly way (without unnecessary paper or plastic). We work with predominantly European suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint: fabric suppliers are German, Spanish or French, labels are made in Spain, yarns come from Germany, elastics and shipping boxes are made in France.

At Adyctive, we see our customers as partners and friends. Our Instagram account @Adyctive was created before the launch of the brand to allow you to participate in the creation of the models and follow the evolution of the brand.

We take your preferences, ideas and needs into account, so that we can offer you a unique experience.

We set fair prices to make our products accessible to all budgets. We are committed to remaining close to our customers, because we know that our brand exists thanks to you. ♡

Finally, we are deeply committed to women and their well-being. We design comfortable panty shapes because we believe it's possible to be beautiful without sacrificing comfort. We're committed to showing bodies as they are. That's why we use photos that don't hide the stretch marks, hairs and pimples that make us beautiful. Adyctive is all about self-acceptance.

And it's for all these reasons that we hope you'll be with us for a long time to come, so that we can create together!

Audrey, the designer

Audrey, originally from the Paris region, studied communications and interior design.

Full of determination, she learned to sew with her own hands during confinement to express her creative side. She then launched @Adyctive on Instagram, where she shares her first creations with her followers and progresses thanks to their feedback. Sporting and stubborn, Audrey is determined to reach her goals without letting herself be influenced.

Aged 27 when Adyctive was founded, Audrey moved to the South of France after the launch of the brand. She settled in Marseille, where nature, the sea and the sun fueled her creativity.

Like a butterfly, she feeds off her many travels.The idea of creating Adyctive came to her on the roads of Crete, with her hair blowing in the wind. Adyctive is a brand that embodies Audrey's values: proximity, transparency and a commitment to the environment.