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Welcome to the first article in our Adyctive journal. Here, you'll find articles on all topics related to the brand, as well as more in-depth reflections on other subjects close to our hearts. Occasionally, we'll also publish lookbooks and inspirational moodboards. All this is not set in stone, of course, as we will also adapt to the requests of our readers! :)


Let's get right to the heart of today's topic : what is Adycteam ?

Adycteam is the instagram account of the Adyctive family (that's what we call our community, with all our pretty customers). It was launched in November 2021, and even though it's been less active recently, we'll still be using it, and we'll explain why. ↘️

Image tirée du compte @Adycteam sur Instagram où l'on voit une femme qui porte une jolie culotte bloomer Adyctive rose avec un pull en laine coloré, la photo est prise de près et les couleurs sont saturées dans des tons orangés.

At Adyctive, we're committed to being transparent with our customers, to showing the reality of women's bodies (with a few pimples, a few red spots, hair and stretch marks), but we also know that not all body types are represented on our site. As you can imagine, it's very complicated to hire a large number of models for each shoot, given that we're a small brand with a limited budget. However, the idea behind the @Adycteam Instagram account was to be able to show bloomers and ruffled panties on many different body types, to express our desire to include as many types of woman as possible. We also wanted to showcase our pretty customers who feel good in their sexy, retro lingerie.

Capture d'écran d'une photo du compte instagram @Adycteam où l'on voit une femme dans une piscine avec un joli maillot de bain rétro girly et sexy rouge Adyctive


You're probably wondering, "But how can I appear on this Instagram account too?". Well, it's really quite simple. Just post a photo on your personal account identifying @Adyctive and @Adycteam (you can even add the #adycteam to be sure) and we'll repost your photo! If you have a private account (we won't be able to see your photo) or if you don't feel comfortable posting the photo on your personal account, you can send it directly to us in a private message to @Adycteam, and we'll post it on our account.

We'd like to congratulate all those who have dared to pose in their Adyctive thongs and knickers so far. You're all gorgeous, and we're proud of you.

We encourage everyone to share their photo, it's always fun to see that your photo is liked by other caring women in this beautiful community. 🌺

Thank you for following us on a daily basis, and we hope this first article has lived up to your expectations.

Adyctively yours,

Adyctive team <3

May 17, 2023
Tags: NEWS