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Thank you for joining us again for this second article. Today, I've asked Audrey, Adyctive's designer, to tell us more about the development of her various collections. The article will therefore be presented in Q&A format, just like an interview !


Adyctive team : What have been the different collections launched on Adyctive ?
Audrey : There have been a lot of different collections, but most of them didn't have names. The latest is the Rock Angel's collection, which is currently available on the site.

Nouvelle collection Adyctive : Rock Angel's inspiration Bratz avec culottes brillantes, pailletées, roses, bleu, effet sirène, holographique


Adyctive team : How did you find the inspiration for each of the collections that have been released ?
Audrey : The inspiration comes directly from the fabrics I've fallen in love with. In general, we start with 2 or 3 fabrics, or sometimes certain colors, and that gives me the inspiration for all the models.As for the titles, only the latest collection has one, and it was taken from an episode of Bratz (Rock Angel's) since the whole collection is inspired by the Bratz universe.

Adyctive team : What are your favorite models among all those you've designed ?
Audrey : My favorite models are all those that are out of the ordinary, those with transparency, embroidery, shiny panties, ... I love choosing textiles and materials that aren't usually used to make lingerie. Thinking outside the box suits me just fine!

Team Adyctive : What will the next collection look like ?
Audrey : The next collection will clearly be inspired by the United States, and more specifically by the "biker" universe. Colors like black, blue, white, red, flames, stars, sequins, metal, etc., will be used. Everything will be inspired by Vegas, and also by the next location we want to shoot in. Check out the moodboard below !

  Moodboard prochaine collection Adyctive, inspiration Vegas United States Bikers Fire Star Burger Romeo's Ibiza Vintage Red Blue White

Some fabrics have already been ordered, and as for the cuts, I don't plan to create any new ones (except maybe a bodysuit), but I'd like to create an even sexier range, based on lace.

Adyctive team : How do you go about creating a collection ?
Audrey : When it comes to designing collections, I usually don't draw my prototypes. It's all in my head, and I test my ideas directly on fabrics from previous collections, or, for example, fabrics that ended up being of too poor quality to be marketed. Once I like the cut, I test the final pattern on the fabric I had in mind. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, because depending on the elasticity and the material, the result can be very different.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about the creation of our collections ! 

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May 31, 2023
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