In today's fashion world, and in the textile industry in general, many major brands source from China or Southeast Asia. This choice is explained by the presence of low-cost labor, and also by the presence of a wide variety of materials, particularly in textiles. Indeed, the largest petrochemical industries are located in Asia, and many textiles are made from materials derived from plastics, such as polyester. These textiles are designed in highly polluting factories, which often do not respect the environmental standards that are crucial if we are to avoid the decline of our planet.

However, the need to source exclusively from Europe is becoming increasingly important for European companies, especially French ones. This is also one of Adyctive's objectives. Indeed, in Europe, materials are often of better quality, and manufactured to fairly strict environmental standards. What's more, European textile manufacturers attach great importance to the use of natural materials, such as cotton and linen. And yes, you've probably noticed that your dresses bought on Chinese websites are often made of polyester, whereas the pretty dresses from the big French houses are made of quality fabric, often cotton or viscose. Last but not least, using European materials means that you don't have to transport fabric from one end of the world to the other, thus limiting your carbon footprint.

There's one major drawback to using European materials : the price. As you'd expect, materials manufactured in good conditions by workers who are paid fairly for their work mean higher prices. That's why your pretty Adyctive knickers will never cost the same as knickers bought from a major retailer where the knickers are made in Asia.

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Chez Adyctive, les tissus sont choisis via nos fournisseurs, à 95% européens (principalement d'Allemagne, d'Espagne, d'Italie et de France).

In Germany and Spain, we have extensive expertise in textile manufacturing, enabling us to produce top-quality textiles. Our satin labels on panties come from England, the yarns we use are German, and our elastics and packing boxes are French.

Adyctive's initial ambition was to use only cotton for its panties. However, this severely limits the options from a creative point of view. Indeed, if you ban polyester, you also ban sheer fabrics, most lace, and all those things that are so Adyctive in the end. That's why we've decided to make some of our models with well-sourced polyester. And for those who don't want to consume these models, there's also a range of upcycled panties. In short, there's something for everyone. ♡

Adyctive is truly committed to ecology, enabling you to opt for a greener alternative (as well as being more ethical for workers) and, above all, one that suits everyone.

Thank you for choosing Adyctive products, and thank you for taking the time to read this article, which was very important to us,

See you soon, 

Adyctively yours <3

June 12, 2023