You'll already know if you've read our story on the site - or if you've been following us for a while - but Adyctive is a very committed brand. We believe that ecology, and above all environmental protection, are issues around which everyone needs to get involved. An ecological transition is necessary because our world is going badly (but we're not going to go into too much detail because this subject is already very anxiety-provoking for many people). We've already touched on the subject of ecological commitment in several of our articles, including the one on our suppliers.

To add a little more info to what's written on our site, at Adyctive we keep all our fabric scraps and even the little bits of thread we cut while sewing. In fact, they can be put to good use as stuffing, for example, or as pretty patchworks.

Patchwork de tissus inspiration adyctive

Image above : an example of patchwork we could make

We also occasionally sell fabric scrunchies made from our fabric scraps directly in story on our Instagram account.

We practice "0 stock": we sew each pair of panties only after they've been ordered. If you're interested, we explained all about this in our last article on on-demand sewing.

Our orders are shipped in boxes whose cardboard is made and recycled in France, without the addition of tissue paper, plastic packaging or sticky plastic sanitary protection in the panties. All this would create far too much waste.

Some of our fabrics are second-hand fabrics that have been donated to us or purchased from thrift stores, resourceries or other online platforms. Our second-hand fabrics are often old sheets, tablecloths, linens, or clothing, which are no longer used and would be thrown away if they didn't become your favorite bloomers ♡

Adyctive is also a brand that wants to be as transparent as possible about its manufacturing conditions, the origin of its fabrics, its prices and its materials. We'd also like to show you more behind the scenes, including the organization of our photo shoots and the creative process behind our ruffled panties, if you're interested 😉

Finally, Adyctive is committed to women's well-being. Our aim is to offer comfortable products, with soft elastics and cuts adapted to all morphologies, so that panties don't feel like they're on your skin. But don't dream, you won't be able to forget our knickers because they're far too pretty for that. 🩷

We hope our models will bring you confidence, and self-confidence so you feel beautiful. We also want to show the reality of women's bodies, with their stretch marks, pimples, and all sorts of skin irregularities, which should more often be the norm.

When it cames to choosing the values that would guide the brand, Audrey (the designer) had several goals in mind :

  • Do the best we can
  • Better than most other brands,
  • Be as (eco-)responsible as possible,
  • Match Audrey's own values,
  • Follow a sustainable process to keep the brand thriving for as long as possible.

And what values do you find indispensable in the brands you currently follow ? Don't hesitate to talk to us about any of these topics at :

See you soon

Adyctively yours <3

July 10, 2023